My last post, where I mentioned I had put on some pounds, may have suggested that I've ballooned back up to my obese state prior to going low carb. It's not the case as you can see in the following photo:

Lisa G., with guest appearance by Rocco the Dog.

I have no idea how many pounds I'm up as I threw out my scale many years ago and have since gone by how my clothes fit. I don't care about numbers on the scale; they are truly meaningless and say nothing about body composition, but I'm guessing I'm up perhaps 10 to 15 pounds from my slimmest.

So, how do weight gains or stalls in losing happen on low carb? Let's go through the list:

1. Dairy - It's a common issue that few want to admit. Cheese is wonderful and gooey, heavy cream is luscious, but it's not unusual that many people are sensitive to dairy products.

2. Too many nuts - These are easy to overeat. One handful turns into many in no time. Low carb baked goods using almond flour taste fabulous, but that's a lot of nuts to have at one time!

3. Carbs are higher than you realize - Vegetables are good things, but some are lower in carbs than others. Perhaps too many tomatoes and onions, etc.,  in your salads or other recipes? Or perhaps you're indulging a little too often or too much in eating fruits?

4. Too many diet drinks - Artificial sweeteners can cause a stall in some, not to mention they aren't very good for you.

5. Little to no exercise - While exercise in and of itself does not cause weight loss, it can be a helpful tool to rev up your metabolism and lift your mood. If you aren't doing it you may be shooting yourself in the foot.

6. Low carb packaged/processed foods - Those low carb protein bars or shakes you love? They can stall you in a New York minute. They can be convenient, but they aren't really your friend.

7. Medical conditions/Medications - Hormonal imbalances (hypothyroidism, etc.) can be an issue, though one not quickly or easily solved. Some medications are known to cause weight gain. It's delicate balance.

8. Fat/Protein/Carbohydrate ratios are off - Here's another delicate balance. Perhaps it's not just "carb creep" that's the issue; maybe you're eating too much protein and not enough fat? (Here's a tool that can help you out: Keto Calculator).

9. Alcohol - This is a big staller! A glass of wine with dinner is nice every now and again, but several nights a week will stop any and all weight loss. Beer is never really a great idea, even the very low carb varieties, since they are grain based, and spirits, though zero carb, are metabolized first in the body making for a certain stall in fat loss.

For me, I've done a check on most of these issues. It's certainly not number 5, as my day job is very physically challenging. I'm thinking number 7 is a strong possibility, and hopefully I can address any medical conditions in the near future. Until then I plan on keeping my ratios in order, staying active, and cutting back on or cutting out possible weight gain or stall triggers.

Have I missed anything? What makes you gain or stall that you have noticed in your journey? What has helped you break a stall?

Rocco never stalls!