I've been trying to lose a few pounds that I packed on during a particularly stressful time of my life. I wasn't eating completely horribly, but I was consuming more carbs than what I normally would for maintenance. I've been diligent in staying on low carb for months and my weight has not budged. Fat fasting hasn't even worked. I'm still concerned I may have some thyroid issues, but until my Affordable Health Care kicks in I have no way to get that tested.

In my research of possible remedies to this stall online I've run across the much maligned (in low carb circles) "Potato Hack Diet." Now, I've mentioned in the past that I am sensitive to potatoes, that they make me stall and gain weight, although when I was eating them I loaded them with butter and sour cream. That may have been the key reason why they had that particular effect on me. So, I'm going to experiment. I'm going to try for seven days, but if by the third day I'm not feeling well or I'm extra bloated, I will abandon the experiment. If I get good results by the third day I will carry on through the seventh day. If by the seventh day I feel fine and am seeing weight loss, I plan on going a full 14 days, then reverting back to a low carb/Primal eating plan.

I realize I'm late to this spud party, as this was all the rage/controversy about a year ago. I also realize this may be a disaster, but I'm going to take you all along for the ride so you can see how this little experiment turns out.

Have any of you tried this? And if so, what was your experience?

UPDATE: I ate breakfast late, had two potatoes. Feeling headache-y, sleepy, have heartburn, and major brain fog. Everything in my body is telling me to ABORT. I will comply. I am not diabetic, but whatever other metabolism issues I do have will not allow me to continue further. Back to what I feel best doing! High fat, moderate protein, low carb!