My name is Lisa G., and I embarked on this low carb journey in July of 2007, after years of yo-yo-ing in weight, and acquiring an eating disorder after following a low calorie, low fat diet, which left me skeletal and frail, and ultimately led to the removal of my gallbladder. I ballooned up in weight again shortly thereafter. Miserably obese and woefully sick all the time, and suffering from medically diagnosed hypoglycemia (a precursor to diabetes), I was at a loss for what to do about my weight, as I could not fathom crying myself to sleep at night because I was so hungry doing low fat/low cal. I remember wishing I could find some magic way, something, anything, that would help me shed pounds and not be hungry or killing myself working out to do it. I tried hunger suppression pills to no avail. I was so fat that working out, even walking for a short distance, was not going to happen. I had just about given up and resigned myself to the fact I'd be fat, sick and depressed for the rest of my life when I was paid a visit from an old friend who had recently lost a significant amount of weight following Atkins. I was familiar with the Atkins Diet as my mother and grandmother had done it periodically throughout my childhood, so when he urged me to give it a try I was game.

The very next day I grabbed a copy of Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution (the 1972 version, which my mother still had on her bookshelf, though it had been untouched for many years) and pored through it thoroughly. I started that very day. I suffered from "Induction Flu" for a few days, but I was determined to press on. Two weeks into it, I was shocked that I had lost 14 pounds. A pound a day? What?! And so effortlessly, with no hunger. From there on out the weight came of more slowly, with 2 to 3 pound losses per week thereafter. I found that if I kept my carbohydrate intake at 20 grams per day or under that I kept losing weight. Anything over 20 grams of carbs stopped my weight loss. I had stalls and learned that, for me, dairy products often were the culprit, and low carb packaged foods and shakes were doing me no favors. I didn't really exercise, but I noticed as the weight came off I was becoming more active. I was no longer out of breath walking across the street to collect my son from a playmates house. I didn't feel like sitting all the time. I was getting up and moving again, and liking it.

I don't know what weight I started at because even though I owned a scale at the time it was too depressing to me to step on it, but I estimate I was close to 200 pounds. On my 5' 2" frame, that was really a lot. In 6 months time I got these results:

That's my friend, Paul, on the very day he suggested a low carb diet to me. I'm forever grateful!

If my starting weight was what I estimated it to be, that was a 60 to 70 pound fat loss. I have since thrown out my scale as I have learned that the number on the scale is quite meaningless, and a better indicator to me is the way my clothes fit and how I looked in the mirror. Jumping on the scale everyday, or even every week, was making me nuts with the normal weight fluctuations the human body goes through in any a given day. I learned to trust that my lifestyle change was making me healthier and had given my body the chance to reach health and homeostasis. The losing the body fat in and of itself was a great thing, but I have always thought and said that weight loss on a low carb diet is really a happy side-effect. The best part about this lifestyle is the recovery of health: blood glucose stabilization, lowered triglyceride levels, lowering high blood pressure, and the reversal of many other maladies that are currently running rampant in the population these days. It is with these facts that I now know I have found that "magic thing" I was looking for, although now I know it is not really magic at all, but purely good science in regards to what the human body needs for health and physiological well-being. Still, pretty magical to me!

In the intervening years from then to now I've had my ups and downs. I have had periods of time where I was allowing myself a lot of higher carb treats (mostly fruits, sometimes regular starchy, sugary high carb fare) and I gained body fat. Currently I am recovering from a long period of not paying attention to my carb intake and I am shedding the pounds through adhering to a Ketogenic way of eating and am now in a state of Nutritional Ketosis. I am very close to my body fat percentage goal and will be working toward gaining more muscle and becoming a little more pumped and defined. I do not consider myself "Paleo," "Primal," nor am I any longer on the "Atkins Diet," however I do try to be conscious of food sources, though finances often do not allow me to purchase grass fed or free range proteins. I am of the firm belief that vegetable oils are not fit for human consumption and strictly consume animal fats (lard, tallow, butter, etc.), coconut oil and occasionally olive oil. I avoid sugars and starches and allow myself occasional sweet treats that contain artificial sweeteners. It works for me, but others mileage may vary.

My main reason for being here at my online home is to help others in their journey to good health where I am able. I enjoy discussions and debates on all things related to this lifestyle and others like it. I also love this way of life and exploring new recipes, some of which I create and love to share with others. I learn new things every day and hope that I can contribute to others growing in this way of life and learning what best suits their needs nutritionally and health-wise.

I wish you all the best on your own journeys!


Lisa G.