Not wanting to go to all the trouble of making a cauliflower low carb pizza crust, for just the so-so texture, flavor and performance it provides, I have been on the lookout for a better way. I mean, who wants to go to all that trouble of ricing the cauliflower and all the other steps involved to taste it and go, "Meh, that was a lot of work for something that tastes only fairly good and feels nothing like a traditional pizza crust in my mouth."

I'd discovered this recipe for Chicago style deep dish low carb pizza and gave it a try a few weeks ago. Unfortunately it stuck to the formspring pan like nobody's business. Aside from the sticking part, the crust seemed very good in texture and flavor.

In the meantime I stumbled across the Pizza crust recipe on Fat Head, here. It was so very close to the Chicago style pizza recipe, it made me wonder whether or not that recipe was the uncredited inspiration. I would have tried it, but again, added steps for probably no difference in texture and flavor at all. So, last night I made the pizza crust from the Chicago style recipe, but instead of using the springform pan I pressed it out flat with wet hands on parchment paper in a jelly roll pan. The only thing I had to do while it baked was poke it with a fork when big bubbles appeared, about 2/3rds of the way through the baking time.

It turned out crispy on the outside, and felt for all the world like biting into a wheat based crust! It really held up to the "eat without a fork" test, too.

 See what I mean? That's a stiff crust, able to hold up to the gobs of meaty toppings I put on it!

It didn't stick to the parchment paper at all. None of the pieces were soggy or unable to be picked up and eaten.

No other pizza crust recipe needed for me now. My whole family enjoyed it, and we will be having it again for dinner very soon!