I quit smoking last week. Up till Friday, that is, when the canker sore in my mouth was too unbearably painful. I had quit smoking before several years ago for three years total. I don't know how, but for some reason I had managed to forget the fact that the whole time I had quit smoking I was plagued by canker sores, one right after the other and usually several at one time. They never stopped until I started smoking again. It was the only good thing about starting smoking again, actually.

I really wanted to quit, and had no problems (with the help of some nicotine replacement aids), other than the canker sore. I have tried all the various remedies one can Google or ask friends about. Nothing has worked in all these years. I am going to do more research because my desire is to quit for good, but being in excruciating pain is not going to get it. Anyone have any ideas? Evidently it is not uncommon for people who quit smoking to get canker sores. Who knew? This sucks.