It is not new news that there is a hater in our “low carb” midst; someone who has set themselves up as an expert, a scientist, an authority, the ultimate in critical thinking skills. This person, however, will not disclose their name, though they have posted a proud list of credentials, and a profile photo on their blog that appears to have been taken some years ago. They seem to "diss" every figurehead of the low carb community with glee, even adding cutsie little $ymbols to some names to signify their disdain with those who they see as cashing in on people’s stupidity.

Personally, I have no problem with differing opinions; I take in all information and analyze and research to form my own conclusions, as I am sure many others do, as well. Those who feel strongly about their own stance where low carb scientific information is concerned, especially when their reputation is threatened, have every right to stand up for themselves and not take disrespect or erroneous information lying down. What is a little odd is the one who has taken it upon themselves to create a persona of authority, and then peer down from their wobbly, lofty pedestal to bash everyone whom they accuse of shunning them and their ideas.

This person admits that they have lost weight on low carb, yet finds fault at every turn with advice doled out by several true experts in the field. They also admit that they have not shed all the weight they would like to, and that they are still overweight. And still, even with that, they post photos of those in the limelight of the community, the ones who have had some stumbles, or health issues that caused them to put on additional pounds, to ridicule them, and to cast doubt on their authority…or on the low carb way of life itself.

I don’t know this person, obviously (and does anyone, really? Is that person in the photo even them?), but their posts and comments strike me as someone who is a true Sociopath, or in less archaic terms, has Antisocial Personality Disorder. I am not a doctor, nor a Psychologist, but I am educated, and have a background in psychology, science and biological studies. I am also a real person, with a name, who is not afraid to be accountable for what I say and what I believe in.

Then again, if I were this person, I wouldn’t be very proud to attach my name to any of the nastiness that has been spewed by this person on their blog.