Picture meeting Elvis when he was still alive and The King of Rock and Roll. That's what it was like for me this evening when I had the honor to meet Drs. Mike and Mary Dan Eades, low carb/Protein Power Rock Stars in my eyes.

They were at a local upscale market/cooking school with Chef Richard Blais of Top Chef fame, giving a class on cooking with the Sous Vide Supreme. I tried to get tickets to attend the class, but alas, it was sold out. But, how could I let an opportunity like having the Drs. Eades in my neck of the woods pass without giving it a shot to meet them? I couldn't. So, I trotted myself up to the class location and waited for an opportunity to crash the party. ;-)

I let myself in the door as soon as the class was over, and who should be standing next to me upon my entrance than Dr. Mary Dan Eades herself! I introduced myself to her, explained that I was there to meet her and Dr. Mike, and that I had lost 60 pounds on Protein Power...and wondered if they could sign my copy of The 6 Week Cure for the Middle-Aged Middle. She was so gracious and told me that they would be glad to, and she marched me right over to Dr. Mike where she explained my success on their Protein Power plan.

As you can tell by the picture I was all smiles (so much so, in fact, that you can barely see that I have eyes because I am grinning so wide! And sorry, Dr. Mary Dan, I only got one shot and your eyes were closed). Dr. Mike kept asking me, "Sixty pounds? You lost 60 pounds?" Ha ha! Yes, I did. And yes, they signed my book. I will treasure that, and this evening, always. Thank you both Dr. Mike and Dr. Mary Dan for treating me like a rock star, too.

And I promise I won't have the photo of us painted on black velvet. ;-)