For the naysayers that claim low carb doesn’t work and is unhealthy…

The photo on the right is of me yesterday (02-01-2010). I cut off my head in the larger shot because I had no makeup on and I’m vain! The small inset photo proves it’s me (just don’t enlarge it too much, okay?).

The photo on the left is of me and my elementary school chum, Paul, about 3 years ago. It was Paul who had suggested I give low carb a shot, as he had lost a significant amount of weight himself doing Atkins. I had been depressed for some time, and had also been on several rounds of Prednisolone for inflammation in my lungs (I suffered from chronic asthmatic bronchitis). The combination of being ill and taking the steroid treatments did nothing good for my weight. Getting fatter and fatter did nothing good for my depression. I craved carbohydrates constantly. I had hypoglycemia so bad that in the afternoons after lunch I had to lie down for a nap because I could not stay conscious.

To make a long story short, I took Paul’s suggestion to heart and started Atkins the day after that photo was taken. I don’t really know what my starting weight was (I could not bring myself to step on a scale), but I estimate I was close to 190 pounds, and I am only 5’ 2”.

I lost a significant amount of weight in only 2 weeks, and after that the fat came off more slowly, but it was steady and I never gained. Not too long into things I started to incorporate some dietary ideas from Protein Power as well (Dr's Eades' plan). As time wore on I started feeling better and better, and the weight loss became an afterthought as I basked in the feeling of good health and a boosted immune system. I no longer had to use a bronchodialator as I had on almost a daily basis for years. I could be in a house full of sick people and not get sick myself. For me, that was simply amazing.

I transitioned at some point to a more Primal way of eating, and still eat that way to this day.

I eat meat and saturated fat on a daily basis, and also nuts, berries, and the occasional glass of wine. Sometimes I have heavy cream on those berries I mentioned, and I am fond of cheese and the darkest of chocolates. I do eat some fibrous vegetables, but not always. I have no problems with constipation as a result of not eating a lot of fiber…my diet is high in fat and it takes care of things quite nicely, thank you. I am never hungry, and sometimes I go for long periods of time without eating and without any hunger pangs or effect on my blood glucose.

I have no idea what I weigh now as I quit weighing myself a long time ago, and just judge by the way my clothes fit and the way I look. I don’t really care about that number on the scale. I just know I’m not fat anymore.

I am not skin and bones. I still have the womanly curves that I am supposed to have, and I’m glad for that. I can sprint and play like I could as a young child. I am 45 years old and have never felt better.