It is cold and snowy here in the Midwest, and only due to get colder, and snowier. When I awoke this morning I was chilled and craving fat and chocolate. What better way to sate the craving, and warm ones bones, than with some low carb hot cocoa!

It's so rich and creamy. Very satisfying. So satisfying, in fact, it was breakfast for me today. It filled me for hours!

Lisa's Low Carb Hot Cocoa

1 T Powdered Cocoa (not Dutch processed)
2 T Sweetener of your choice, equal to 2 T of sugar (I use 4 packets Truvia)
4 oz. Heavy Cream
2 oz. Water

Mix the cocoa and sweetener with a couple Tablespoons of heavy cream in a mug (there will be lumps of cocoa still. These will dissolve when heated) When mixed add the rest of the cream and water. Heat for approximately 2 minutes in microwave. Stir, and enjoy! For those of you who would rather not use a microwave you may heat on low to medium low heat on the stove in a saucepan.

Last night I made some awesome Pulled Chicken Barbecue (another recipe for another post), and saved the broth to make some Egg Drop Soup.

The broth seems to be very rich in protein and other good for you stuff as evidenced by how gelatinous it was out of the container. I also left some good chicken fat in the broth.

I'm not sure how much broth was there, as I didn't measure it, but made everything by sight. I added some green onion and ginger as the broth warmed:

Next, I beat a couple of eggs, and when the broth started just to boil I slowly poured the eggs into the broth while stirring. I also added some salt at this point. Some like to add soy sauce, but personally I avoid soy products, so I left that out.

And voilĂ ! Nice, warm, low carb Egg Drop Soup!