Or, perhaps the more appropriate title would be, "Why haven't I shivered all winter long, even though this is possibly the coldest winter I've ever experienced in my life?" But that's too long.

I had noticed that while others around me were visibly shivering on several shiver-worthy occasions, I haven't so much as had one moment of teeth-chattering body shakes. I mean, yes, I can feel it's been very cold outside, what with our "Polar Vortex" conditions, and arctic-like wind chills, but no reaction from my body to try an emergency warm up by shivering. It's almost as if my body is running so efficiently that it automatically turns up the heat when I most need it to. And that is sort of what is happening.

Evidently when one is in ketosis for an extended period of time (or is keto-adapted) the brown adipose in the body increases, as do the mitochondria housed within the brown adipose, which in turn causes thermogenesis. I guess keto-adaptation was timed perfectly for me with this frigid weather. Score!

Here are some interesting links about shivering (the first courtesy of Bill Lagakos of Calories Proper) and about brown adipose increasing due to a ketogenic diet:

To Burn Fat, You Could Exercise … or Shiver

 A ketogenic diet increases brown adipose tissue mitochondrial proteins and UCP1 levels in mice.

Regardless of the fact my inner furnace is working superbly right now,  I still loathe winter, and it may not be until spring that I take any progress shots, though progress is definitely being made. I am also spending a lot of my free time helping my eldest daughter ready her newest project: a low carb website complete with a community forum, recipe database and social networking function. The website is set to launch within the next two weeks, possibly sooner. If you'd like to help with the success of this endeavor to create a great spot on the Internet for all of us who hold low carbing near and dear to us as a lifestyle, a donation of any size would be most helpful and appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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