She who shall remain nameless (and linkless) posted a comment in response to someone who commented on her latest post:
" would appear that many of the success stories on LC are from folks who have dieted many times -- often extreme diets -- and this finally worked. There are many who report on the disco boards that they have had their gall bladder's removed thus they have reduced fat absorption. This may well be behind what's going on here. They have fewer calories in to the body. I'm not sure this is optimal for health and such folks should probably be consuming more coconut and palm kernel oil."
She doesn't seem to know ANYTHING about human anatomy and physiology, yet there are people who fawn all over her and think she's the greatest thing since sliced white bread.

Just because one has had a cholecystectomy does not mean one cannot absorb (or digest) fat. I guess she doesn't have a clue that after the removal of the gallbladder that a bile duct becomes enlarged and basically compensates for the lost gallbladder. After all, bile is still being produced, so the function of bile is still active in the body's digestion of fat.

Her "theory" doesn't hold water, or bile.


I just refuse to comment on her blog, and I find her pseudo intellectual B.S. revolting.

That is all.