Saturday my husband, youngest child and I  went to the Low Carb Meet-n-Greet hosted by Dana Carpender and her husband (that nice boy she married), Eric Schmitz. There was fabulous food, great conversation, and I got to meet so many people whom I consider friends online for the very first time in person; a friend from Facebook, Jimmy Moore, Amy Dungan and her husband, John, and others who share the same way of eating. For this low carb lady, it was a dream come true!

Jimmy has contacted me and has asked if I would like to do a Low Carb Conversation with him in the future. I'm game!

I would like to thank Dana and Eric for their hospitality. My family and I enjoyed ourselves very much. I took some photos during our visit, and a few turned out well enough to share. I am already looking forward to next year!

Jimmy Moore and Amy Dungan
Amy, Eric Schmitz, and there's Dana Carpender in the background!
One happy, smiling dog!
Beautiful lilies in front of Dana and Eric's. Surprise Lilies, maybe?
Cock of the Roost in Dana's chicken coop!