Excuse my lack of posting, but my computer is down and I am sharing a computer between myself and three other people in the household. I am at work all day and by the time I get home it doesn't leave me a lot of time to do much of anything, and if someone else "calls" the computer I may as well hang it up for the day.

Anyway, this past week, as I was browsing a new edition of First Magazine I noticed it was chock full of low carb, high fat bits of wisdom. The articles weren't always 100% right, but much closer than what has been touted as being healthy. In interest of time (and so I can relinquish the computer to the next in line), I will post photos I took with my phone of the articles.

Really, I was shocked (in a good way)...do you think the tide is turning? Are we low carb/Paleo/Primal advocates making an impact in the mainstream? (click to enlarge)

A doctor who lost weight low carbing.
The doctors good advice.
The inset on the previous page, talking about the
importance of controlling blood sugar, and how
eating low carb preserves muscle mass.
Good advice about dairy fat. If only they had mentioned
that the best place to get that is from RAW dairy.
Healing a fatty liver. More excellent advice!