No time this morning to cook something for breakfast, as I am heading out the door very soon for work. I threw together a breakfast eggnog (I know, 'tis not the season anymore, but it sounded good to me). One half pint of heavy cream, some freshly ground nutmeg, a touch of a Stevia based sweetener...and one raw egg. I know, the risk of Salmonella...blah, blah, blah...I don't fear Salmonella, Salmonella fears me. I'll let you know if I die later. ;-)

I have to have some good quantity of saturated fat in the morning to get me through my day. I crave it sometimes when I wake up...heavy cream, egg yolks...I want to do a post on those fat cravings and what I think they mean. But, that will have to wait. Out the door...home this evening. Wild caught Alaskan Pollock for dinner tonight, yum!

UPDATE: I didn't die. Felt great and the breakfast egg nog held my hunger at bay until lunch. Matter of fact, I wasn't very hungry at all come lunch time, but I ate anyway. =)