There has been a lot of discussion in the Paleo/LowCarb/Primal community about the wisdom or insanity of including potatoes in ones diet. Richard Nickoley committed obvious heresy according some of his Paleo community followers by suggesting that there was nothing wrong with eating some taters with his grass fed meats. Tom Naughton did his own little self experiment with the dreaded white potato and sweet potatoes, posting about his blood glucose reactions to the two different kinds of spuds.

I have done my own little experiments regarding potatoes, both white and sweet, though not quite as scientific as Tom, and thankfully under less scrutiny of my peers than Richard. I'm not Paleo - - don't claim to be, am not a reenactor, don't really care whether potatoes were eaten by theoretical cavemen or not, so my experiment is merely about how my body reacts to them, basically as Tom was trying to discover about his own reaction. Except mine was done without the BG readings on a glucometer. I am pretty much in tune with what is going on with my body these days, and I know from the way my heart races when I eat something that makes my BG levels go crazy high that I should avoid whatever made it happen.

The verdict? I will probably never be able to eat white potatoes ever again. Well, I won't say never, because there may be those occasions when I just want a BG rush and then to fall into a deep coma-like sleep, but we'll see. Sweet potatoes, on the other hand, seem to have very little effect on my BG, much like Tom discovered.

I don't really miss potatoes anyway. I have too many other wonderful, satisfying things I include in my lifestyle of eating that worrying about whether or not I can eat a potato is of no concern. I just know it's not good for me. It may be fine for someone else, like Richard. More power to him for discovering what is good and right for him.


Mark Sisson posted an interesting link to Paleo Princess' post on the Paleo Alphabet. All of her alphabet points rang true for me, though I don't follow exactly the same lifestyle as she...but I found her "B" point to be most interesting, and true for myself, as well:

"B is for Boobs! Big boobs! I was never a small chested woman, but I went from a 34-C to a 34-D on a paleo diet, even though I lost twenty-eight pounds. I’m not complaining!"

 I went from a C to D cup while eating low carb/Primal. It was noticeable that my ex-husband asked me if I had had breast augmentation surgery. I thought, up until her post, that I was the only one who that happened to, but now I know I am not! Anyone else had the same thing happen? I wonder why it happens? Anyone have a clue? Not that I am complaining, either!