As I've stated previously, I work in a grocery store. It's a smaller, privately owned grocery that gets a fair amount of traffic through it for its size. I often have customers who come through my line who remark about the "Low Carb" sticker I wear on my name tag. There are also a fair share of male customers who are none too shy about making flirtatious overtures to me. Today a customer (a middle aged man a bit older than myself) was the first to remark about my physique, and not in a way that was a come-on.

I was scanning his groceries, lifting some heavier items out of his cart and on to the conveyor belt when he said, "Wow, your arms you lift weights? They look like you lift weights..." To which I responded, "Uhm, no...not really...but I do a lot of heavy lifting while I'm working. It's really the only workout I do." And he said, "Well, you look tough!"

"Thanks," I said, sort of blushing by now, "I eat a low carb type of diet, and that has a lot to do with it."

"It's working well for you, that's for sure!" and I finished scanning his groceries and he departed. I thought it was interesting since I was wearing a form fitting long sleeved hoodie (it was a bit cold here in my part of the Midwest today), and I wondered how he could really tell what my arms looked like. It's probably a good thing they weren't bare. I'm not sure he would be so impressed, as I am not really that defined. There's definitely muscle there, though.

I had my daughter snap a quick shot of my arm this evening. It has me wondering about how they might look if I seriously started lifting.

I'm thinking about it. Obviously it's not the arm of a bodybuilder, but it's not too bad for a little 45 year old woman, huh? Those 40 pound bags of rock salt, cases of beer, and 20 to 30 pound bags of dog food that I lift all day are doing some good, I guess. But really, it's a wonderful thing that eating in an inherently low carb manner, such as eating Primal, is very sparing of muscle.

I am kind of stoked that someone noticed the guns. ;-)

So, what do you think...should I start pumping some iron, or is that overkill?