UPDATE at bottom!

I wore my VFF's to work yesterday. I was sure that one of my co-workers would notice and comment first, as she is very observant, and I was right. "What in the hell is on your feet??" was the statement that came out of her mouth first, which roused the curiosity of several other co-workers. One co-worker knew what they were, and I explained to the others all about VFF's.

Several customers noticed, though not quite as many as I thought would. Maybe a handful of people through my checkout commented (BTW, I am a grocery store cashier/trainer). One young couple who came through my line were staring at my feet and smiling as I was helping the customer ahead of them. When it was finally their turn I greeted them, smiled and asked, "Are you staring at my monkey shoes?" They laughed and said yes, they were, and that they had a friend who ran track for our state university who wore VFF's. I thought that was cool.

One customer asked if they were socks or sandals, and I said, "Oh, no, they are shoes," and lifted up my foot to show him the sole. He just shook his head. Another customer chided me about them and said he was going to get a pair himself. He wasn't serious, though...he thought they looked ridiculous.

None of the managers noticed. The true test of that will come today, as the main manager wasn't there yesterday. He will be today, however, and will get to work about the same time I will. I am considering not wearing them today, not because I am afraid of the managers reaction, but because it is rather chilly today, and I didn't buy any toe socks and my feet might freeze. Eh, I may still go for it...they were comfortable and my back thanked me after being on my feet for nearly 8 straight hours.

The only time I noticed a little discomfort was when I took the VFF's off. They seemed to have been a bit tight and compressed my foot enough to make some marks in my feet that didn't go away for quite some time. They sort of pinched my skin in spots. I don't know if this is a typical experience or not. Obviously they are made to fit ones foot like a glove. Mine are definitely the right size for me toe-wise, but maybe they are a bit too form fitting? I don't know, maybe they loosen up a bit after a while? We shall see.

I am not one to relish drawing attention to myself, but these VFF's are an attention magnet. I also don't care much what other people think, even if they tease me about my choice of footwear. I just don't want to be told I can't wear these if I choose...I really don't like not having a choice. So, more updates after I wear them to work today.

UPDATE: We had a meeting at work last night. After the meeting I asked the boss about wearing the shoes at work, since he made comments about attire and footwear but never directly told me I couldn't wear the VFF's. The answer is NO, I can't wear them at work. I'm bummed, but I'll deal with it. I am definitely going to have to find some more comfortable shoes than the ones I have and am able to wear at work. I'll keep you posted...