I was perusing my local TV station website this morning and came upon an interesting headline,  Can Aspirin Blur Line Between Fat, Healthy?  Seems the NIH is testing a "cousin" of aspirin to see if it can reduce inflammation in obese and Type II diabetics, thereby creating healthier, non-inflamed fat people.

Typical of modern science these days - - find some drug to treat some symptoms while ignoring the cause completely.

You, too, can be as fat as you want and still be healthy! Here, just take these...Ha.

Carbohydrates (especially the processed crap in every packaged food on the shelves) cause inflammation, folks...as does the overabundance of Omega-6 fatty acids in our government suggested (and subsidized) "healthy" diet.

This is my favorite part of the article (emphasis mine):

"If fat cells functioned perfectly, you could be as obese as you want and not have heart disease," says Dr. Carey Lumeng of the University of Michigan. "It's something we don't understand, why some people are more susceptible and others are not so susceptible."
Solving that mystery could point to more targeted treatments for obesity's threats than today's effective but hard-to-follow advice to lose weight.

Effective? I'm laughing out loud! Hard to follow? You betcha!

The story was a complete roll of the eyes for me, but it is frightening to think that a lot of people are going to follow the suggestions born of this study. More prescriptions to be written, more money for Big Pharma, more health care costs for the average fat Joe...I see it in my crystal ball. Yes, I do.